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The Captain’s Blog

Go Play

Go play.  Play to find your creativity again.  Play to get active and move your body again.  Play to think through that tough decision.  Play to…just play.  We live in a world where play is something we think need approval for. Something that is frowned… Read More »Go Play

Good Ole Brain Dump

Brain Dump.  It’s when you take 10-15 minutes and literally write out word for word everything in your head in that moment.  This is especially helpful when you feel overwhelmed, or are having a hard time making a decision on something.  Just write. No looking… Read More »Good Ole Brain Dump

Cultivate Trust

Cultivate trust.  When looking to grow sales, it’s easy to get caught in the hamster wheel of trying to push every product or service you offer to move the needle.  But there is a simpler way. Instead of trying to find what will move the… Read More »Cultivate Trust

Buzz Words For Days

A quick thought on buzz words. If you don’t use a specific word IRL…. Don’t write it, speak it, share it.  This isn’t about being “authentic” You’re just not being YOU.  The more you write, speak, and share the words you use on the daily,… Read More »Buzz Words For Days