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Do it scared

If I’m honest, I feel like half of these blog posts are little reminders for myself.  This one is no different. ____ Do it scared.  Change is hard, and it’s not guaranteed you’ll have all the pieces or a clear path.  It might be a… Read More »Do it scared


Consistency has been a talked about as a “key factor” to success for decades.  There has been books, blog posts, Ted Talks, and endless testimonials about it’s truth.  And all of it sounds nice and encouraging.  Until… You actually apply it. You stick with something.… Read More »Consistency


Why?  For my fellow parents, we have a 22 month old who recently discovered this lovely word.  Why? Why? Why? It fun to see his progression and curiosity. And yet, he reminds me how little we ask – Why? – as adults.  We tend to… Read More »Why?


Verb: to use something to maximum advantage.  More exposure, more sales, more impact.  They can all be achieved step by step. Or you can achieve those results leap by leap.  Both will get you to the same end. One is just a little faster.  How can you… Read More »Leverage


Belonging: an affinity for a place or situation.  In business, there really is no silver bullet for success.  However… If you can build a brand that creates belonging.  The emotional connection of, “yea I’m all about X, they’re just the best”.  The math will show… Read More »Belonging


I heard a great quote the other day, and for the life of me, I cannot find who said it or what the exact wording was. (If I do later, I’ll be sure to put a link in the comments).  If you don’t mind a… Read More »Belief


There is a popular prayer, known as the Serenity Prayer, that goes:  God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.  Regardless of your own personal affiliation… Read More »Serenity

RE: email

Not getting a reply from that prospect?  Maybe they forgot.  Maybe your email is lost in their daily influx of messages. Follow up again. But this time, put RE: before your subject line and watch what happens.  Getting a new message is great.  But continuing a… Read More »RE: email

Have Courage

Have courage.  I say this phrase often to my kids, especially when they are going through a challenging moment.  Maybe they’re nervous? Have courage. Maybe they’re scared. Have courage.  Mind you, I don’t neglect their anxious or scared feelings, but remind them to have courage… Read More »Have Courage

Hold the Door

Hold the door.  This was the first, and most powerful lesson I learned in college (shout out to Siena) It was a simple gesture, and most times we didn’t realize why we did it.  We just…held the door for the next person. But this rather basic… Read More »Hold the Door